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This prank on a “grand” scale blurred the line between reality and illusion. Over 200 people gathered at Grand Central Station in New York to pull off a “frozen in place” act.
Grand prank

Whether your personal goal is to be more organized, take more vacations, or lose weight, this website has the tools to help.
Making it stick

An optical illusion that makes your monitor disappear into thin air.
Faux finish?

It’s worth the few-second wait to see this innovative web marketing approach for Hema, a dutch department store. You need to visit their homepage to actually buy something, but this Rube Goldberg animation is a compelling way to involve website visitors.
Going Dutch

Dedicated to trend spotting and cool hunting, this website is the place to track the latest buzzword, the greenest products, or the coolest gadgetry.
What’s hot and what’s not

Sprint communications developed this fun and not-so-tongue-in-cheek microsite to help you save valuable time.
When every minute counts…

OMG, students have trouble distinguishing between formal and informal writing :-O