Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

No Bullwinkle When I first received an email from an administrator with the last name Bullwinkle, I thought it was spam. It wasn’t, so I emailed her back, and here is her reply:

It’s really my last name. I grew up in a small town so everyone knew us and didn’t respond to the name at all. But my brother, who is about 20 years older, was in the army when the cartoon was on the air and he had to do a lot of pushups in response to giving his name. COs just didn’t believe him. Oh, and Facebook initially rejected me because of my name. There’s not many of us, so I really like it.

Many institutions and organizations possess what may be thought of as unfortunate names. This woman’s positive spin on her situation reminds us that if something is attention-getting, it helps you stand out from your competition. Then, it’s up to your PR efforts to take that attention and focus it on your institution’s strengths and key marketing messages.