FEATURE : A+ School, A+ Education

The Mary Louis Academy is a college-preparatory high school for girls in Jamaica Estates, New York. Founded in 1936, TMLA is a vibrant institution that offers rigorous academics in the Catholic tradition while welcoming students of different cultures and faith traditions.

Although the school possesses many admirable accomplishments and attributes, it faces some formidable challenges as well. The relevance of an all-girls school is constantly brought into question as the numbers of such institutions dwindle and competition for academically talented female students increases.

GCF developed print admissions materials and an institutional website for TMLA to emphasize its reputation for dedicated leaders, academic rigor, outstanding facilities, and committed students. The new admissions logo, TMLA+, is used in combination with key words to emphasize excellence on multiple levels–TMLA+ Academics, TMLA+ Facilities, TMLA+ Athletics, etc.

“The pieces are in their first full year of use,” says Rita Piro, Coordinator of Special Projects at TMLA, “and comments from parents, alumnae, students, and administrators are enormously positive. A team of recruiters travels among 200 feeder schools within our area for individual high school recruitment fairs, and at each and every location, prospective applicant families were instantly drawn to our materials, noting the professional presentation. More than just a few offered the same comparison, ‘An A+ school with an A+ book.’”