Photo archives available through Google!
Peruse tons of interesting images in LIFE magazine’s photo archives.

Create your own font.
Tired of searching for that perfect font that truly emulates human handwriting? Here’s a tool that will help you create your own handwriting font.

Model anything you can imagine.
Redecorate your office or room, design and build a car, or create a diagram that allows people to visually see whatever it is you’re proposing. Google SketchUp is a program that allows you to create 3D models of anything you like.

Don’t miss these fantastic features:
1. Push/Pull Tool. Take any flat surface and extrude it into a three-dimensional form.
2. Instructor dialog box. You can activate it at any time to receive context-sensitive help.
3. Look Around and Walk. You can walk around and into the model to get a first-person view. You can even climb and descend stairs and ramps.

Once you’ve created your model, you can export it as an animation and share it on YouTube, or export it as an image for your Powerpoint presentation. If you’re stuck on something to build, you can check out everyone else’s models in the Google 3D Warehouse.