I wish I could mark up a webpage the way I mark up a page proof or PDF…
WebNotes can grant your wish! It allows you to mark up a webpage by highlighting text and adding “sticky notes” with more details. You can also organize your notes into folders for quick reference. The basic version of WebNotes is free. If you upgrade to the pro version, you can highlight and add notes to a PDF online as well.

What are my chances?
Instantly calculate your acceptance odds at any U.S. college, based on the academic info you plug in. Just choose a school to “chance,” fill in as much information as you can, and hit “Chance it now!” to see your results.

Turning images into patterns
Sometimes pre-created patterns, whether for your desktop or as a background image, are not what you’re looking for. Repper is a free-to-use pattern creator that turns your images into interesting designs. It’s easy to create patterns for your desktop or social profile background. If you don’t know where to begin, or what image to use, check out Repper’s design gallery.

You may have noticed that the text messages your teenager sends you are an indecipherable jumble of letters. Is this some new language? DTXTR will help you decode the messages—but it won’t help explain why the average teen sends and receives over 1,700 text messages a month!

Answers to life’s puzzling questions
Need an answer to a puzzling question? Just go to Cha-Cha. Real human beings will actually research your question, and text you the answer on your mobile phone. Cha-Cha is free, but if you have limited texts on your mobile plan, keep in mind that you will be charged a fee if you exceed your limit!

Help! I need a slice of mushroom and pepperoni!
Send Google a text and get its help to go. Send your question to 46645 (Google without the “e”), whether it’s for directions to the nearest pizza parlor, the zoo, or the donut shop. Google will text you back the name, address, and phone number of the two closest options. GPS technology lets Google know where you are and where you want to be. Text the word “weather,” and you’ll get the local forecast. If you text “weather” and a zip code, you’ll get the forecast for that area. You can find movies, too. Text the name of the movie you want to see with a zip, and Google will text you show times for the nearest theater.