Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

The marriage of art and science I recently visited Fallingwater, the famous home of the Kaufmann family designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater is unlike any building I’ve ever seen, partly because of the way the building blends so beautifully into the natural setting. The walls were built from stone cut from the surrounding mountains, and the windows are designed to frame the outside landscape. From every room inside the house, you can hear the falls rushing below.

The way the structure reflects the natural environment reminds me that art and science are interconnected. When the two are in balance, the result is breathtaking harmony. This is something to remember when designing a website or any complex print piece. We need to remember that function alone is not enough. We also need to treat our readers to a visually stimulating experience. Check out the Fallingwater website for more information about the facilities or to schedule a visit.

Katie Pugh tries to catch a little falling water…