Fun and/or informative links for the discerning info-snacker.

Need a fresh photographic eye on campus? [ o ] Bill Denison is one of the best!

First there was the news ticker, and now there’s Newsdeck. USA Today created this web page that divides headlines into eight specific categories for your information pleasure: News, Travel, Money, Sports, Life, Tech, Nation/World/Health, and Offbeat. If you click the white arrow at the top of each box, you can find links to the most popular stories in each category.

Google and Hasbro have taken a venerable pastime to a whole new level with Monopoly City Streets. The online game uses Google maps as the board.

For a mentally stimulating diversion, try Take new quizzes every day in various categories such as entertainment, sports, geography, history, literature, movies, music, science, and television.

Here’s an ingenious gift for the person who loses track of time: an ink calendar that works by itself.

Need a moment’s entertainment? This fun and oddly touching short film breathes life into airport pictograms.

Be careful how you format that email, or you might find yourself out of a job.

Taking the stairs just got a whole lot more fun.

Sharp Foam: oxymoron yes, beautiful art yes.