Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

Coming unglued over see-through envelopes I’ve noticed an increase in the number of transparent cellophane envelopes in my mailbox. Many of these pieces arrive from photographers and artists, but I’ve seen them used to carry admissions pieces from colleges, too. The see-through stock allows you to entice the recipient with a preview of the letter’s content. At first glance, it makes brilliant sense—but there is a downside that should be considered. The glue that holds the envelope together is also visible, and it is not pretty. The stock is quite brittle, making it difficult to open. Add to these disadvantages the need to place a label on the face of the envelope, which creates another visual distraction. My conclusion? What appears to be a good solution is really a problem in disguise. I’d rather focus my energy on great copy or images imprinted on a non-transparent envelope.