Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

The launch date for your fabulous new website is always precarious.
The president’s spouse has final say on any projects requiring a color choice.
The alumni magazine publication date has no relationship to the copy due date.
Proofreading is only seriously performed when the job is delivered from the printer.
The major donor’s monitor is never set to view the campaign website correctly.
The student you prominently feature on the cover of the viewbook will suddenly drop out of school.
Photo captions in the alumni news section will not match all the photos.
The type will always be too small for somebody.
The logo will never be big enough for somebody.
Once copy is approved, there will be a major rewrite.
All print pieces will contain a typo that the president will discover.
After you proofread 64 pages of 8 pt. type, the only mistake will be on the cover in 72 pt. type.
Narcolepsy rates increase in proportion to the length of your Powerpoint presentation.
The person responsible for final approval will be out of town during a major due date.
The meeting date will need to move as soon as all invitees are confirmed.
The perfect idea is always shot down.
The photoshoot will be complete just before a major executive gets a haircut.
Rain is in the forecast for all outdoor photoshoots.
There are never any kids on campus when your photographer is.
Whoever does not attend the creative meeting will hate the design.
The tighter the budget, the more things go wrong.