FEATURE : New Magazine Means Business

This fall, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School premiered its magazine, ONE, and asked GCF to create both a print version as well as an online, interactive version. We designed the magazine to reinforce Carey Business School’s commitment to improving the world through an innovative approach to business education and research. The School’s administrators also wanted a publication that reflects Carey’s optimistic outlook and conviction that innovation begins with critical thinking and creativity.

The cover story about the current financial chaos posed a unique challenge: how do you put a positive spin on a global crisis? We chose to focus the cover image on resolution, as does the text of the article. The result is positive, interesting, and conceptual—characteristics that apply to illustrations and photography throughout the magazine.

The challenge for the online magazine was to capture the flavor and feel of the print in an interactive but easy-to-navigate format. Each issue will follow a consistent template, making it straightforward for the people who update it and the people who read it. Instead of making visitors scroll endlessly while reading (which causes them to lose visual contact with top and right-hand navigation), we broke each article into separate pages. Contact information on every page allows readers to quickly send comments to the magazine’s editors. Such consistency ties the online magazine to its print version without losing the interactivity that the Internet offers.