Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

An unfortunate flaw I finally replaced my 10-year-old ailing Honda CRV with a brand-new Acura RDX. The styling of the car is sleek inside and out. I admire the attention the designers paid to details like the inside console panel, which features beautifully styled climate controls, well-lit gauges in blue and white, and metallic trim that accents the high-tech look.

Unfortunately, there is a flaw—the navigation screen display (shown above) is a six-inch rectangle of clunky digital type smack in the middle of the console. It reminds me of some college websites and viewbooks that exhibit one jarring, disharmonious note in an otherwise well-balanced design. Making compromises in design is painful. There are times when we reluctantly water-down a design for political reasons, or for lack of time or budget. We hope that no one else will notice, but to us, the flaw is a constant reminder of circumstances beyond our control that compromise the quality of the final product. We can console ourselves with the fact that there is so much to love about the rest of the design. After all, I still chose the RDX in spite of its one unfortunate blemish.