FEATURE : Lifting Hearts

GCF recently completed a president’s report for Misericordia University to, among other objectives, celebrate the successful conclusion of their recent capital campaign. GCF began working with the university in 2004 at the start of their $15 million campaign. We developed the campaign theme, campaign logo, and fundraising materials. Over the next few years, fundraising exceeded the campaign goal by nearly 30%, allowing the university to build the Sandy and Marlene Insalaco Hall with classrooms, a café, an art gallery, a technology research institute, an ensemble hall, and music teaching studios.

A series of active key words on the cover of the president’s report describes the campaign’s impact on living and learning on campus. The title “Lifting Hearts” grew from the campaign themeline, “Leading from the Heart.” (The name Misericordia means “Heart of Mercy.”) Focusing the cover imagery on the sky underscores the uplifting pride students and faculty alike experienced as a result of the campus-wide improvements.