Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

Sicilian journal I brought my camera along on a recent trip to Sicily. Here are a few photos of the trip with comments from a designer/marketer’s perspective (all photos by Domenica unless noted otherwise):

A wonderful marketing strategy. The artist/shopkeeper works on her craft while visitors browse through her store. Seeing the artist at work personalizes the experience for visitors. I could not resist buying a small plate from her, and I have a feeling many visitors to this store have a similar reaction.

An incongruous moment in Palermo. Does the shopkeeper realize that the bright blue plastic chair steals the scene on his showroom floor? (Photo by Grace Weitman)

Timeless beauty. It is easy to miss this Roman inscription tucked away in a narrow side street in the seaside town of Cefalu. The letterforms have a timeless beauty. Will any of the typography we use today endure so long?

Clever recycling. Bedsprings make dandy fencing around a Sicilian garden.

Italian smile. A classic Vespa gives the world a smile.