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. . . in Baltimore, Maryland

UCDA Design Summit
March 24-26, 2011

Two Sides of Branding
Brenda Foster and Domenica Genovese are the two very different brains behind Greatest Creative Factor (GCF). Brenda and Domenica take turns talking about the need for a whole-brained approach to brand communications.
Two Sides of Branding; Left Brain Brenda will discuss the logical, rational, analytical, objective, structured side of branding. Topics include how to present an idea, how to win support from your client, how to put out the occasional fire, and why research matters.
Two Sides of Branding; Right Brain Domenica will take on the intuitive, spontaneous, risky, subjective, inventive side of branding. Topics include staying inspired, wrestling alligators, pushing the boundaries, and keeping it simple.

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