Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

Logo wizardry Adobe recently sent out an email to promote an Acrobat training program. The stylized “A” logo was transformed into a wizard’s hat to show that users have a bit of magic under their hats. Whoever created the logo probably never thought of using it this way.

This reminds me that a good graphic standards manual will always allow for a bit of serendipity.  When GCF creates guidelines to assist in the launch of a new logo or graphic identity, we take care to protect the logo’s integrity and core marketing messages—because you first have to understand the rules. Then you can understand how—and when—to effectively break those rules. Ask yourself how your audience members might react. Will they understand, or will it confuse them? Will viewers or recipients still have a positive image of your brand? In this example, Acrobat’s decision to use their logo in an unconventional way works.

Contributed by Jenny