Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

The luck of the draw Save the Children launched this fundraising website to dramatize the plight of children born into poverty around the world and to stimulate donations for the organization. On the home page, you can enter your name, spin the “wheel,” and find out where you might have been born a second time around. Then you can learn about being a child in your new country through statistics, Google maps, Flickr images, and sounds. For example, you might have been born in Mali, where the illiteracy rate is 54% and only 20% of babies live past the age of five. These facts are shown along with a video of a baby, who has your name on its hospital bracelet. Clicking the stats takes you to an explanation of how Save the Children has worked to improve the lives of children around the world in each category, along with donation links.

The website does a beautiful job of showing us just how lucky we are, and using your name really personalizes the experience. “The Lottery of Life” demonstrates how institutions can use technology to individualize their messages and help donors relate in ways they might not have before.

Contributed by Jenny