FEATURE : In Person

The New Yorker cover above shows parents looking at their cell phones while kids trick-or-treat. Which world is more real: the one in which the parents are engaged, or the children? This is the dilemma we are faced with today. When the real and the virtual worlds collide, which one prevails?

In the case of the campus tour, nothing quite compares to being there in person. Walking around campus allows visitors to really experience what it’s like to live at an institution. A campus tour also fosters the all-important connection to other human beings. It allows visitors to interact with other students, professors, and admissions staff in a way that doesn’t happen on the computer or even on the phone. So if you’re adding QR codes to buildings and signage for the campus tour, and considering offering tour participants sustainability reports, don’t neglect the personal interaction and sensory experiences that make a campus tour important.