Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

All that glitters I recently bought a cool, new 3-D video camera for a vacation trip to Mexico. I spent the flight time studying the owners’ manual and practicing shooting techniques on my complimentary bag of pretzels, my mini pillow, and my tray in the upright and down position. Soon I learned how to get the best effects and in my mind I sketched out a storyboard of eye-popping video captures. By the time we arrived, I was confident in my ability to use all the functions. I captured the palm trees, the boat trip, the scorpion on the wall that was hiding behind a cushion, and, of course, the margaritas. The 3-D effect was impressive.

An interesting thing happened when I returned home and shared the video with others. Everyone commented on the technology of the camera and the 3-D effects. They wanted to know where I got the camera, how much it cost, and whether they could view 3-D on their computer screen or TV. I realized the camera and techniques were getting all the attention while the subject matter went unnoticed.

It’s easy to be dazzled by the latest technological tool. It’s more important, though, to find the best way to engage your audience and deliver a memorable message.

Contributed by Brenda