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eduWeb Conference
July 30–August 1, 2012

The Elephant in the Chat Room
Everyone is doing social media now. But is social media working for your institution, and how can you determine whether it is working? How do you know if you’re getting a return on the investment? During this topic table on Tuesday, July 31, 8–9 a.m., we will address the elephant in the chat room: is social media working, and how do you know?

We will interview 10 colleges about whether their social media efforts are working within the college’s overall marketing communications plan. We will ask the following questions:

• How does social media play into your communications plan?
• What percentage of your efforts are used for social media?
• How do you measure the return on investment? What is your ROI?
• How long have you implemented social media into your communications plan?
• What kind of budget do you spend on this?
• Who uses social media the most? Public relations, alumni department, admissions, etc.?

It’s All About You: A Moderated Forum for Discussion
There seems to be little opportunity for eduWeb attendees to engage each other in conversation, to share ideas, problems, solutions, etc. with each other. This panel would provide such an opportunity. We will invite some pros in our industry to serve as panelists, and we will use some of our case studies as a background, but we will ask audience members to voice their questions and get ideas from other audience members. This panel will take place on Wednesday, August 1, at noon.

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