Miscellaneous observations from an educational communicator’s perspective

The roots of creativity I met Kevin Day in a photo critique group on Flickr and became an avid fan of his exquisite photographic study of a dead tree near his home in Slough, England. Kevin has been observing and photographing the tree for over five years, and I have watched his photo study grow from a few dozen shots to several hundred.

Kevin is fascinated by the effect that time of day and season of the year have on the landscape. He says, “It has fascinated me more than anything else. There is this wonderful old tree unchanging over the years and yet I can take hundreds of photos of it during the seasons and very few of them look the same. It is all about the change around the constant.”

The “change around the constant” is the heart of keeping creative work fresh and compelling. Whether you are a campus photographer who feels exasperated by another assignment to shoot Old Main or a writer at a loss on how to approach the millionth student profile, finding the unexpected within the mundane could be the solution to the problem.

Contributed by Domenica

Photo series above by Kevin Day. Click to see more photos in Kevin’s Dead Tree series.